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European Permaculture Design Course - STILL OPEN FOR BOOKINGS

Permaculture, Art and Society in Europe - July 15 to 29, 2012

A Permaculture Design Course offers a broad overview of topics related to the creation of sustainable environments and lifestyles, such as basic ecological understanding (incl. plants, water, climate, soil) and practical solutions for gardening and agriculture, housing, infrastructure, energy, economic systems and social issues.

This course is hosted by gASTWERKe Escherode, a community project demonstrating aspects of permaculture and offering opportunities for practical and design activities during the course.


After the course, you are welcome to join the European Permaculture Convergence from 1-5 August, followed by two site tours through Germany (seperate booking via Here the training participants will meet experienced and new permaculturists from all over Europe and get the chance to both exchange newly acquired knowledge with other teachers and to form national and European networks.


The specific objectives of the course are:

  • Introduction of basic concepts of permaculture theory and practice,

  • Enabling learners to integrate ecological and design thinking into their own lives,

  • Making links between permaculture networks from different parts of Europe,

  • Exploring the links between permaculture, society and art in a European context.

During the course, participants will:

  • Apply permaculture ethics and principles to situations in their own lives;

  • Understand and use the principles, processes and elements working in natural systems, in order to create sustainable landscapes, settlements and lifestyles;

  • Apply the process of design and a variety of design tools and methods in gardening and agriculture, appropriate technology and community development;

  • Improve and practice group skills in a multicultural environment;

  • Exchange experience with participants from different European countries, embracing European diversity;

  • Collectively create an art project that will link with the dOCUMENTA art fair and the European Permaculture Convergence.

The training will enable participants to work with permaculture and to integrate it into their own projects. International standards of Permaculture Design Courses and of the European Permaculture WorkNet are met.



A great diversity of methods will be introduced to ensure that all spheres of human beings are satisfied: the mind, the body and the soul.

During the two weeks of the course, methods and techniques of the theoretical part will include: powerpoint presentations, movies, lectures, small group discussions, action learning processes, self-exploration, scripts, guided tours, etc.

The practical part will include both individual and group work on one or several design tasks and hands-on-experiences, where participants implement small projects.

Group development will be supported by a number of participatory methods that have been tried in social and community settings, for example Dialogues, Forum and Open Space. Participation helps projects to be successful and sustainable due to the recognition and possible inclusion of as many needs of people as possible.

Experienced facilitators will introduce the themes ecology, permaculture and art. The gASTWERKe community will serve as a living example for sustainability and as a field of practice. A public piece of art work will be developed collectively by participants, using a range of creative methods. This will link the course and the European permaculture convergence to the dOCUMENTA art fair happening in Kassel at the same time.


General information:

Dates: Sunday, July 15th till Sunday, July 29th, 2012 (arrival July 14th)

Venue: Ecovillage „gASTWERKe“, near Kassel, Germany

Total course costs: 1.200,- / 1.350,- / 1.425,- Euro, including all costs:

  • Course fee: 
750,- Euro
  • Accommodation and food: 450,- Euro with accommodation in a tent or matress camp (food is 100% organic and vegetarian / vegan); 600,- Euro with accommodation in a guest room (3-4 people); 675,- Euro with accommodation in a double room



Funding options:

  • non-german EU-residents:

The course is listed in the Grundtvig-Comenius course database, under the EU's „Lifelong Learning program“.
This means:
FULL FUNDING is available for eligible non-German EU residents for full board, accommodation, course fees and transport cost.

the deadline for grundtvig funding has expired.

  • german residents:

Germans can apply for a „Bildungsprämie“, which will cover part of the course costs.


  • others:

If you have questions about the course, please get in touch with Vera Hemme: ">



To register for the course, click on the button „anmelden“.


The course is open to everyone - please register until June 25!